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Water & Sewer Facts

High Water Bill? Check your home for leaks.   A running toilet or dripping faucet can waste a lot of water over a short period of time.  If you have a meter in a pit outside your home, there could be an underground leak.  Fix leaks as soon as possible to avoid being billed for the excess water used.

Low water bill? Call 657-3148 if your water or sewer bill seems unusually low - you may have a stopped meter. We will arrange a service call and check the meter at no cost.

Water leaks on the main public water line in the street, or between the main public water line and the individual service connection shut-off valve (usually located near the property line) are the Village's responsibility and will be repaired by the Village.  Water leaks on the individual service connection between the shut-off valve and the building, or inside the building, are the responsibility of the property owner.

Sewer backups can be caused by a problem in the public sewer or in a property's private sewer service.  If you believe the problem might be in the public sewer, call the Public Services 657-3169 and we will check the public main and possibly save you the expense of calling a plumber.

Sewer breaks on the main public sewer line in the street are the Village's responsibility and will be repaired by the Village.  Sewer breaks on the individual service connection - even when that connection is still under the street - are the responsibility of the individual property owner.

Trouble paying your water or sewer bill? Please contact us right away 657-3148 if you will have trouble paying your bill.  If we talk to you and understand your situation, we can work with you to set up a payment schedule.   If we don't hear from you, your account may be turned off once it becomes delinquent.  Restoring service requires payment in full, plus a $50 turn on fee.   Please call us so we can keep your water turned on.

If we leave a service tag on your door, please call us at 657-3169 within a few days to arrange for a service call. Typically, we need to access your property to inspect, service, or replace your water meter; there is no charge to you for these service calls.  However, if we ask for a service call and do not hear from you promptly, your service may be disconnected until you contact us for an appointment!

Need to remove or replace your meter? Don't.   It is a violation of Village ordinance to tamper with your water meter.  Call 657-3169 if your meter has to be removed or replaced.

Moving in or out of a property in the Village? If you are moving out of a property, call the water department at 657-3148 to arrange for a final water meter reading and a bill to be sent to you; be ready to tell us the date you are moving out, and the address where we should send the final bill.  Please give a few days' notice of your need for a final reading.  If you are moving in to the property, please contact us to let us change the service into your name.  Also, please remind your realtor to make sure the former tenant has had a final bill.  This is one of the most common problems - often at the time of closing we receive a phone call asking for the current balance but not a final bill, so the old tenant leaves a balance due for the new tenant!

Leaving for the winter? If your property will be vacant and you would like your water shut off temporarily, 657-3169.  When you have it turned back on there will be a $25 charge, but you will not be charged a minimum water/sewer bill for the time that the service is shut off. (You also may turn off your own water inside the home, but in this case you will continue to receive a minimum bill for service.)